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January 12th, 2011

Competition Winners – T. Greep and Co.

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For this next entry we’ll say nothing until you play this video (double click to play).

T. Greep and Co.

Wow! This game is the work of Jonathan Hay of Whitburn Academy. You play as Ryan Walker, a criminal for hire for an underground organisation, called T. Greep & Co. after its founder. The game follows this character on a series of missions, in a variety of locations around the world, over the course of 3 years, incidentally 3 levels. You have to complete objectives, for example delete information from a computer server to progress to the next level. There are also obstacles, such as enemies (gang members, security officers, etc…) and puzzles to hinder your progress, but ultimately once all of the objectives are complete you can progress to the next level or complete the game.

The reasons we liked this game

This game is the work of one pupil who constructed the game using FPS Creator (a game engine written in Dark Basic Pro). Each level is cleverly constructed with a number of puzzles to be solved and enemies to defeat. Jonathan reused a variety of resources sourced from the web to create the game such as 3D models, AI code and other dynamic objects. FPS has a good developer community and Jonathan tapped into this community to ask questions and seek help for creating aspects of his game. This is an excellent example of how online communities can provide great support. One of the forums which he used is

We loved the opening credits for the game which perfectly set the game’s spooky, creepy mood from the very start and this is continued into the lighting for the levels and the voice instructions which you receive throughout the game. Jonathan also used his programming skills to edit the AI and the non-player characters in the game will investigate noises, explosions etc. adding a very real feel to the gameplay.

You can download the game (380MiB) from here. Jonathan has launched a web site for the game too at

Check out this brief game play video to see the game in action.

All the Winners

Primary Group Winner – AnEmSha
Secondary Group Winner – Islands of Elemental Evil
Secondary Individual Winner – T. Greep and Co.

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