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March 15th, 2011

Consolarium Catchphrase Twitter Challenge at Game to Learn

Derek Robertson
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What’s in a catchphrase? The shortest, snappiest, cleverest sound-bites can make a star of out even the most ordinary of us and in so doing win a Sony PS3 for your school/establishment at Game to Learn: Take2! on Saturday.

Yes, with one eye on the great Roy Walker (“say what you see”) we’d like to challenge you to the Consolarium Twitter Catchphrase Challenge! Get your thinking caps on, your Twitter account at the ready and come up with the catchiest catch-phrase that will meet this challenge:

Why is Game Based Learning and/or Game Design a success in schools?

If you don’t have a Twitter account then you can sign up for one here Once you have set this up and you wish to submit your catchy catchphrase then please ensure that you are within the 140 characters that a ‘tweet’ allows. You will also need to add this hashtag to your tweets #g2lcomp. The Consolarium team will look at this #g2lcomp stream over the course of the day and make a decision on the one that they feel is the catchiest catchphrase.

The most terrific, tastiest and topmost tweet takes home (to their school/educational establishment) a wonderful Sony PS3 with a copy of Little Big Planet AND Little Big Planet2!

Please Note: You must be at the conference venue to claim your prize.

If your tweet does not win then do not fear for there is the chance that you could yet be lucky as we have two desirable Nintendo DSi, a superb Nintendo Wii AND a fantastic Xbox 360 with Kinect to give away at the end of the day….details of you might get your hands one of these prizes to be given out on the day.

We wish to thank our friends at Sony, Nintendo & Microsoft for their support for Game to Learn.

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