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I have emailed What now?

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Many thanks for getting in touch with us about keeping your Glow account going. Here are a few points to note:

  • Do not be surprised if you do not hear personally from us for a while. It’s going take us from June to August to process all the requests. That’s why we asked local authorities not  to ‘turn-off’ your Glow accounts in the meantime.
  • At some point, your Glow persona will be ‘adopted’ by the CPDStepin community. We will be in touch when that happens with any action you may have to take.
  • Join CPDCentral now. Get a photograph of yourself onto your computer and follow this link ; If you need help look at this CPDAnswers post
  • Feel free to explore the services of CPDCentral

You can find out more about the CPD communities on Glow by following these links:

What is a CPDCentral affiliated community?

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A CPD-focussed community which uses some or all of the CPDCentral features to ‘crank up’ the collegiality in the community. If I am a potential member of a CPD community, there are a number of benefits:

  • I introduce myself just the once and can then take part in several CPD communities
  • I can upload an item and share it across across several appropriate CPD programmes / communities
  • it standardises the way I engage with CPD on Glow and removes some of the barriers to collegiality

For CPD community facilitators, there are benefits too:

  • it cuts down time on footering with Glow web-parts and lets you concentrate on the CPD
  • the I-intend system helps promote real, evidenced impact from your all hard work; “if it’s not happening in the classroom, it’s not happening” – Richard Elmore
  • it increases interaction; “lurking is not a collegiate activity” – Con Morris ;)

If you want to register for / learn more about CPDCentral affiliation, you can find out more on (you’ve guessed it!) CPDCentral!

What is CPDCentral?

How can I connect with other colleagues during CPD on Glow?

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The best type of CPD is collegiate and it’s no different on Glow. The CPD Team have developed an About Us system that lets colleagues introduce themselves once and then ‘appear’ in any CPD opportunity they take part in.

Here’s how it works:

1. You enrol in the CPDMeet or other opportunity

2. Our admin folk get an alert and we will add the CPD opportunity to your About Us entry

3. When you click on ‘See participants’ you will see pictures of all who have / are taking part

More:   Why should I introduce myself to a CPD community?    How do introduce myself to a CPD community?    See who has already joined About Us

How do I enrol in a CPD opportunity on Glow?

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Isn’t it great when you go to a CPD event in person and you see people and are introduced to them. To help us get that feeling, enrolling in one of our online CPD opportunities is in two parts.

Part 1 – All members of CPD communities on Glow must introduce themselves with a photograph and details using the About Us web part. If you haven’t already done so,  then please fill in this form as soon as possible. You only need to do this once!

Part 2 – for each of the CPD opportunities:

  1. select the enrol button (eg for a CPDMeet).
  2. the organiser will ‘add’ you to the opportunity just as if you are attending a face-to-face event.
  3. When this is done, your details will appear on the About Us section for that opportunity
  4. Note this may take a wee bit of time, so in the meantime, you can continue with the CPD opportunity or edit it yourself on your CPDMe page on CPDCentral! Look for the my participation section

More:   Why should I introduce myself to a CPD community?    How do introduce myself to a CPD community?

What is I-share?

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I-share is a standardised way of sharing in the Glow communities facilitated by the National CPD Team.

There are four Is you can share with colleagues in your CPD community: Issue, Idea, Insight and Interesting practice.

Wherever you see this symbol, you can upload your own I-share item and nearby will be a link to whatever has already been shared by colleagues in this community or CPD opportunity.

Using the I-share form is pretty straightforward but please contact Susan ( if you need more help.

How do I customise a CPDFind feed?

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The video below will show you how to do this. If you’re still stuck drop Susan a line


What is a CPDGizmo?

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The Glow network, now available in most Scottish schools and beyond, is largely made up of a series of web-parts. Think of them as lego pieces and you won’t go far wrong. There are Glow web-parts to deliver news, web meetings, chat sessions etc.

CPDGizmos are a collection of web-parts with a CPD purpose, that you can add to your own school or CPD area in Glow.

They include:

See for yourself the library of CPDGizmos on Glow

What do I do before leading a CPDMeet?

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If this is your first time using Glowmeet, the National CPD Team can arrange a support session.  This will take place a week before your CPDMeet and last approximately 45 minutes. This is likely to be a telephone/CPDMeet page example2online session.

Before the support session please have a look at the following links to give you an idea of what Glowmeet looks like and what it can do.

Please contact Susan Lafferty at or 0141 282 5207. Susan will also prompt you for some or all of the following information for the CPDMeet page:

  • a picture of you
  • some bio information
  • title of the CPDMeet
  • outcomes of the CPDMeet
  • are you happy to take questions in advance of the CPDMeet?
  • are you happy to answer questions for a limited period after the CPDMeet?

This will be used to build the CPDMeet page on Glow

On the day of the CPDMeet

  1. Please log-in 30 minutes before the start
  2. Please load pages / slides in advance
  3. Please have fun!

What makes a good CPDMeet?

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Whether live or recorded the essentials of effective online CPD sessions are the same as face to face session:

  • content which is understandable, beneficial and accurately communicated
  • an opportunity for collegiate discussion and activity

Some general points about leading CPDMeets

Participants are more likely to register for a CPDMeet when they know the answer to “what’s in it for me?”

  1. To help you plan your presentation:
  • Identify the audience you want to or need to attract eg probationers, supply staff, senior leaders
  • Identify the pains, problems, needs and desires of that audience and what would prompt them to take the kind of action you want them to take.
  • Your presentation should be focused on what your audience wants to hear, balanced with what you have to say.
  • Ask yourself “if the audience only remembers a few key points what should they be?”
  • Optimise the visual content of your presentation (see Andrew Brown’s opportunity on CPDFind). Images have the capability to induce emotion and tell a story but only if they are relevant to the point you are trying to make.  Charts and graphs can also have the same function.
  • Be as natural as you possibly can, authenticity is preferred to perfection so avoid reading from a script or what’s on the slides.
  • Where possible make use of activities to engage your audience:
    • allocate a task
    • ask for questions
    • encourage use of Glowmeet annotation tools and pointers to foster collegiality 
  • Be aware of your virtual body language – tone of voice, speed of speech and posture.

Finally, don’t be too disappointed if only a handful of colleagues join in the CPDMeet. This is a relatively new type of CPD and it may take a wee while before it really takes off!

What is a CPDMeet?

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cpdbletherCPDMeet is the name the CPD Team uses for live CPD sessions on Glow. Generally they use Glow’s web conferencing technology, Glowmeet.

Each CPDMeet has its own CPDMeet page on Glow where would-be participants can see details, sign-up and interact before, during and after the CPDMeet.

Typically, each CPDMeet will be promoted in a variety of ways including CPDFind. CPDFind is the national database of CPD run by LTScotland and the National CPD Team.

Subject to permissions from the CPDMeet participants, the events are recorded and made available as an archive for follow-up work.

You can see forthcoming CPDMeets in the Online CPD library on CPDCentralplusglowbutton

Help! I’m a CPDMeet feartie!