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CPD Team

Coaching and mentoring – the developing picture

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This post comes from Graeme Finnie (leadership consultant with Learning and Teaching Scotland).

“This is an important period of growth in coaching and mentoring in schools and local authorities and this commentary reflects the extent of the development supported by SEED 2006/2007. In it you can read about examples of approaches taken and the impact that coaching and mentoring is making in many local authorities. Of course this is not the whole story. There are many other developments going ahead which are not described here and you should get in touch with your CPD contact to find out what is happening in your area. Work is also underway (see the earlier blog entry) to develop case studies and examples of practice which will shed more light on the impact of coaching and mentoring for pupils and students, teachers and school leaders, in schools and classrooms across Scotland.”

Please note some edits have been made to the original posted commentary (17th Dec 07)

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