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CPD Team


The National site on Glow now has a central, professional community for CPD, called (what else CPDCentral?), where you can get CPD news, see feeds from CPDFind, share resources and discuss various CPD issues. When I say ‘you can’, it’s in a very embryonic state at the moment, but we are getting there!

To access the site you need a Glow account, I’m afraid. If you have one, click here and you will be prompted on how to join the community.

If you don’t have a Glow account yet, find out where your local authority is in its engagement with Glow. There may well be a user ID and password waiting for you!

We are still hopeful of arranging Glow guest access for members of the CPD network, so if you are interested, keep checking this blog.

I am very grateful to Andrew Brown (of the Glow team) who was great in helping me design the structure and get it going.

Let’s get it populated, as they say in the web world!

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