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CPD Team

5 things

I had the privilege of talking to CPD coordinators in Edinburgh City Council and East Dunbartonshire Council. I had 10 minutes to give them the national picture on online CPD, so we didn’t stop to take notes!  I promised the links and here they are!

  • For more information on the national CPD picture - CPDScotland 
  • To find out about the national intranet – Glow
  • The reflective toolkit is due in autumn and you can get information here - CPDReflect
  • please sign up to the CPD update
  • and, and … pick of the CPD pops! – CPDFind.

Oh did I mention signing up for the CPD update ?

PS The soundtrack for this presentation is ‘At the Sign of Swinging Cymbal’ – the theme tune for Pick of the Pops. You’ll need to provide that yourself!

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