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CPD Team

CPD Festivals in October

I have just had a smashing (not to say privileged) few days visiting the CPD festivals in Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, Orkney Islands Council and Highlands Council.

One striking feature of all 3 events was the decreasing reliance on external CPD providers and the increase in local, practitioner-led CPD. For much of the time, I was ‘manning’ a table with a rolling display and sets of the eminently collectable CPD postcards but I also managed to fit in some visits to keynotes and seminars. I had a number of rewarding conversations as a result. Here are just some of them:

  • with a number of supply teachers including Lorena (see la historia de Lorena)
  • with Margaret Alcorn and Ian Smith (the latter of Learning Unlimited) on the links between professional learning communities and Learning Rounds
  • with Carol McManus of Orkney Islands Council on how CPDFind can be improved to support local authority CPD
  • with Neil Stewart of the Glow team on how we can make more use of CPDFind to raise awareness of the growing amount of CPD using and on Glow
  • with Morag MacDonald of Storlann and how tools such as Glow and CPDFind can support their valuable work in Gaelic education
  • with Eddie Broadley (area adviser at LTScotland) on how CPDReflect might be used to support development of curriculum maps
  • with senior Highland Council colleagues on how CPDReflect might be used to exemplify their Learning Teaching and Assessment Policy

Many thanks to all for their warm welcomes and particularly to Donald MacLeod, Carol McManus and Terry Kerr of the CPD Network.

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