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CPD Team

Endorse CPD on CPDFind

CPDFind now features an endorsement feature. The National CPD Team has always maintained that the best people to endorse CPD opportunities are you the educators in Scotland. You can now identify which CPD has influenced your practice the most and give it your own personal, gold star!

How does it work?

Visit the descriptor on CPDFind. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see

cpdfind endorse1

Enter your Glow username and password and fill in the short form

cpdfind endorse2A gold star (representing your endorsement) will appear on the bottom of the endorsement.

Later visitors to this opportunity will be able to select your gold star and read your endorsement. Each gold star represents one endorsement

cpdfind endorse3Please note this is not anonymous rating like some other web sites. CPD can only be endorsed by named educators on Glow. This way you can be sure of its veracity and even start to identify colleagues who have the same interests as you.

I am grateful to Graham, Ralph and Gayle of LTScotland who made this feature a possibility. Like all our offerings we would very much welcome your comments.

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