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CPD Team

Time to relight the MFLE fire?

Catriona_colourI had an excellent discussion this week with Catriona Oates of Scottish CILT. Like many others, Catriona is looking at how national organisations (such as SCILT) can add value to the culture of teacher-led CPD which is proving so valuable. We discussed a lot of examples such as the various TeachMeets and the recent Flashmeet about which Catriona kindly blogged. One of our conclusions was the need to facilitate online communities on Glow to ignite discussion topics and sharing of practice. Our conclusions?

  • renewed determination to find, or be facilitators, for Glow groups such as CPDLead and SCILT
  • use CPDShorts to focus on some key areas for debate / professional learning
  • use CPDFind to bring colleagues to both of these things
  • The MFLE community in Scotland (through LTScotland online service) was a leading and early success story for Scotland in the area of online CPD. Time to relight the fire?

3 Responses to “Time to relight the MFLE fire?”

  1. Graham Davies November 16th, 2009 at 12:59 pm
    I access MFLE from time to time, but it appears to be mainly a news site – often interesting, though. There are so many interesting blogs these days, many of which are teachers’ personal blogs. I subscribe to around 30 blogs, wikis and websites. I guess many of us are suffering from infomration overload!

    If I remember rightly, MFLE was kept alive by Ewan McIntosh, who has now moved on to greater, high-tech things.


  2. Con Morris November 16th, 2009 at 3:57 pm
    Thanks for the comment Graham. I agree that MFLE is now more a ‘broadcast’ site, hence the need to rebuild the collegiate element the MFLE community once had. It seems that bits of that could reappear on Glow with the help of Catriona and others.

  3. Catriona November 16th, 2009 at 10:00 pm
    Delighted to build up a learning community on Glow – we have our own group on the national site with about 120 members and rising! Please join us if you are in Scotland on
    Next Glow CPD session – professional reading group at end of January

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