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CPD Team

Coming soon: Curriculum for Excellence Parent Toolkit

The partners delivering Curriculum for Excellence are developing a toolkit to help practitioners communicate with parents and carers around CfE.

In January, the toolkit will be launched by Cabinet Secretary.

Watch the promotional trailer here:

 The toolkit has been designed:

  • in response to research on parents’ needs: they want to hear from the school and the teacher who knows their child
  • to share stories that start to give a real sense of the look and feel of CfE
  • moving on from the policy lines and guidance we’ve had to date
  • to give simple messages to practitioners and material to support them in answering the simple and complex questions from parents
  • to be an online resource in the main – a starter kit that we build onto (we are producing leaflets for parents aimed at 3 broad stages: EY, primary and secondary+
  • to provide information, photos and film resources that schools can repurpose, adapt and set in their own context for sharing with parents.

More information from :

Barbara Chalmers
Project Manager, Communications
CfE Implementation
Schools Directorate
Scottish Government
Victoria Quay

T 0131 244 0385
M 07760 990919

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