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CPD Team

Learning Rounds in the FE Sector

Following the session on Learning Rounds at the April STEC conference I was invited to a meeting of the Learning Development Group at James Watt College to discuss the potentail of the approach within the FE  setting. As with a previous opportunity at Anniesland College there was as much learning for me as there was for the colleagues who were considering the approach., which seems to chime very well with the principles of engagement already agreed by the group.

The discussion was very informative and opened up new avenues re particpation with the recognition that adult students had as much of a right to particpate as did school age pupils .
Given that the college has 850 staff it underlines the need to view Learning Rounds as an ongoing collegiate activity rather than a one off event for a few interested colleagues.

The CPD team look s forward with interest to hear of on going developments !

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