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CPD Team

The National CPD Team

The National CPD Team in Scotland provide strategic support for CPD and PRD throughout Scottish Education. If you need a word, email Ruth on 

You can find out more about the work of the team by browsing this blog and viewing this short video, which explains what we do, where we started and what are our vision, values and beliefs around CPD. Please feel free to share it.


What is our aim?

The National CPD Team aims to improve pupil learning by building capacity to implement Curriculum for Excellence at individual, school and authority level.

How do we achieve our aim?

  • by promoting a consistent model of professional learning which draws on a wide range of academic research, and reflects the values implicit in Teaching Scotland’s Future
  • by supporting the development of structures for CPD that focus on improving the quality of teaching and of school leadership
  • by working with our partners (through the CPD Network ) to a maintain a high profile for CPD among educators

Who’s in the team?

The current team consists of:

So what is it we do?

Our team plan (due for completion in September 2011) will give you a flavour of our current activities:

We have initiated and/or continue to support a number of key projects including:

If you want to know more

One Response to “The National CPD Team”

  1. Christie Dolan October 11th, 2011 at 9:26 pm
    I am subject leader for Art& Design in Midlothian. I am organizing an Inservice on Monday 24th October. I was wondering if you know anyone who would be interested in giving a short presentation on for example National 4 or 5, Assessment and Reporting or subject specific topic relating to Art & Design. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated! I can be contacted on 0131 663 7171 or email.
    Chris Dolan
    Lasswade High School Centre

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