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CPD Team

Edinburgh Gets set for the Games . . .

This is a cross curricular project inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games which will bring together international students and primary school pupils in the city of Edinburgh.

I was delighted to be invited to attend the launch of this project at Redhall School this week. Chris Holmes, Director of Paralympic Integration at London 2012, told his story and let all the pupils present have a go at trying on one of his nine Olympic gold medals. They then went out into the drizzle to try out a number of paralympic games for themselves.

50 Edinburgh schools will use the Games as a context for interdisciplinary learning, and will focus on the values which are core to the whole project -friendship, excellence, respect, courage, determination, inspiration and equality.

To support the project, well over 100 students from 33 different countries who are currently studying in Edinburgh have applied to be involved with local children, and the project has been recognised by London 2012 as an official Inspire project

All the participating schools will join the official Get Set Network which offers access to resources and sharing experience with other Get Set schools across the UK. Project

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