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CPD providers’ workshop

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On Friday of last week, my colleague Anne McGhee and I hosted two workshops for registered CPD providers on how to make best use of the CPDFind system. Both workshops were over-subscribed and went down well with attendees. It was a pleasure to work directly with CPD providers and we came away with some excellent ideas for improving the system and the access to information about CPD opportunities.

Here are our top 5 tips for CPD providers using the system:

  • less is more! Remember the average visit to a web page lasts 1.5 seconds!
  • write for an individual. Have a specific person in mind who you want to attract to your CPD
  • use your website to host the more detailed information and hyperlink to that from the CPDFind descriptor
  • don’t forget to use http:// before any hyperlink
  • don’t forget to add at least one occurrence or your opportunity will not be made live.