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CPD Network – Afternoon session

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The 1st part of the afternoon session of the meeting was given over to an update on CPDScotland,  the CPD team’s online CPD project.

Some of the key points to emerge:

  • there are over 150 CPD providers on the CPDFind system and many such as The University of Glasgow, the Open University and LTScotland’s – Learning about Learning are committing heavily to populating the database with their CPD resources
  • Finding CPDFind will be all the easier as almost all of the local authorities in Scotland have installed a magic button to CPDFind on their local sites (the CPD Superheroes as they are now to be known!)
  • the CPD team are hoping to try out the CPDConfer tool from mid-Feb with a  occasional paper on coaching and mentoring.

We started the second part with a game of ‘PRD Fortunes’! “We asked 100 colleagues what they reflect on before their PRD interview…” etc. It was a bit of fun to start the vital discussion on CPDReflect. CPDReflect is the online self-evaluation tool and CPD portfolio currently under development.  CPDReflect, among other things, hopes to help bring the Professional Standards to life.

The 1st workshop was on the ‘who and how’ of exemplifying the Professional Standards. This generated a tremendous amount of discussion and you can see the complete summary of points made in this document.

Lastly, and all too briefly because of the worsening weather, we considered the ‘building blocks’ needed to make CPDReflect a success.