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A visit to Inverness

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I spent some time today with Terry Kerr, Tony McCulloch and Kevin Logan of Highland Council talking about online CPD. As often is the case , I got back far more than I gave!

Highland have long had a practice of enhancing their face to face CPD with online support. Much of this is housed in the Staffroom on the HVLC, Highland Virtual Learning Community. Here you will find considerable CPD programmes and reflection frameworks, such as

I am struck by the strong links between CPDReflect and the Leadership framework and hopefully the two will feed off each other in time.

In discussing reflection on practice, Tony made a telling comment on how pupils can be vital partners in helping teachers teach better. This got us talking about a CPD opportunity on how to have these conversations in the classroom. Anybody out there help? If so, let me know and we will get it into CPDFind.

Highland Council are very happy to share these resources with the rest of Scotland and beyond. Tony was telling us how one of their online courses for pupils was recently translated into Sinhalese for nurses in Ceylon!

Actions I will take as a result of the meeting:

- find some time to describe some of the individual HVLC opportunities on CPDFind (especially the opportunities on the reflection framework as demonstrated so passionately by Kevin!)
- look at a more in-depth case study of how Highland have embraced online CPD on the CPDScotland site

I am grateful to Terry for setting this up and I am looking forward to taking up the invite to talk to Highland CPD coordinators later in the year.