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February 29th, 2012

The Daily What News – School Journalist of the Year competition

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Have a go at being a reporter for a chance to win a prize for your school and a family ticket to Edinburgh Zoo!

The search is on for the next generation of news reporters.

‘The Daily What News’ annual journalism competition for Scottish schools has been launched, giving you the chance to see your writing published on our website, and to win some fantastic prizes!

Pupils 16 or under are invited to submit an original news report (200 – 400 words) on something that is going on in your school or local area. It could be about something exciting, like a new cinema opening up; sad, like a school closing down; or weird, like an exotic insect turning up in your granny’s cornflakes.

Submission deadline:   22 March 2012

For more information visit:  The Daily What News –  School Journalist of the Year Competition

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