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September 1st, 2008

Out and About in Midlothian

Dawn Adams
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Lots of people are entering an exciting new phase with Glow and I’ve been busy visiting schools across the local authorities that I work with. Part of this activity has involved Midlothian schools and supporting them with their rollout. They have a comprehensive plan for how Glow will be introduced to nursery, primary and secondary schools throughout their local authority. This plan involves a 12 phased approach with introductory sessions, staff training sessions, optional INSET and following up with in-class support for schools. This seems to be a great approach and provides an invaluable opportunity to explore how Glow might be useful to a large number of staff and considering what it may mean to different people.

My travels so far have taken me to Dalkeith High school to give staff an introduction to Glow. Tommy Lawson and Alan Thomson from the authority also attended and supported this ideal opportunity to raise awareness in the first of many Midlothian schools. My next visit was to Woodburn Primary to talk about developments with Glow and allow staff to have some hands on experience. Some of this audience included Mentors and local authority staff who had already used Glow. It was a great opportunity to get their ideas about how they thought Glow might be used in Midlothian and to explore some of the challenges we might face and solutions to overcome them. Speaking to those people who had only just seen Glow that day provided a useful and interesting perspective too. This is something that we shouldn’t lose sight of and capturing those ideas can help plan for future events and what the focus should be.

My colleague Ian Hoffman has also been busy visiting Midlothian schools to get them thinking about Glow and what it might mean for them and joined Rosewell and Woodburn Primary for an introductory session last week. This support will continue this year and throughout 2009 and will hopefully raise awareness and encourage use of Glow. I thoroughly enjoy this part of my job as Glow Development Officer and can’t wait to get out and about to other schools and authorities to get to the heart of the activity and support this in any way I can.

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  1. jaye richards September 2nd, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    Ths sounds like a roll-out that has really been thought through with some care. I think it will be very interesting to see how the secondaries in particular take to using GLOW. I hope that you and Ian, and maybe some of the secondary school staff in Mid Lothian will blog about their GLOW journey experiences…

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