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March 20th, 2009

Percy returns with a bang

Lorna Arbuckle
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Over sixty schools and a thousand Nursery and P1 pupils joined us in a Glow meet in the Early Years National Glow group and the National Parks and Outdoor Learning National Glow group , from across Scotland on Wednesday morning. They came to see and hear a story about Percy the Puffin.

This Glow meet took place live from The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick where Education Officer and author of the story, Emily Dodd, told of how Percy the Puffin returns to Craigleith Island every Spring.. landing with a bang and a crash, before setting up home on dry land.

Our youngest school learners took part in activities which describe how Puffins return to nest and feed on islands in the Firth of Forth. How Percy meets his mate, digs a burrow and feeds his family. The story contained opportunities for learning across the curriculum: for literacy, numeracy, expressive arts and outdoor learning. The children were enouraged to act out the story by pretending to be a puffin.

The Seabird Centre also used their own webcams and video footage of real Puffins, live from the Islands of the Firth of Forth, to enance this experience. For most of the children and teachers, this was their first experience of learning with Glow. They were eager to take part and they wanted to ask lots of questions about Percy: why is a Puffin called a Puffin and what does Percy drink? One colourful character even asked if Percy likes eating Pizza!

It was a great event which has started a conversation about Puffins in Nursery schools across Scotland. You can follow this conversation and see a video clip of Emily telling the story of Percy the Puffin in the National Site: in the National Parks and Outdoor Learning National Glow group and the Early Years National Glow group. You can also find a list with details of those schools which took part in this event. Some of them also signed the Glow meet register on the day:

Auchterellon Primary
Barr Primary
Bellfield Nursery
Burravoe Primary
Cathkin Nursery
Clepington Primary
Craigiebarns Primary
Dundee EDS
Fintry Nursery
Forthill PS
Glendee Nursery
Gorebridge Primary
Jessie Porter Nursery School
Knock Primary (IoL)
Law Primary
Longhaugh Nursery
Pencaitland Primary
Prestonpans Nursery
Rashielea Primary
St Andrews Primary
St James Primary
St Josephs Primary
St.Lukes and St. Matthews
St Mark’s Nursery
St Ninian’s Primary
Woodlea Children’s Centre

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4 Responses to “Percy returns with a bang”

  1. Laurie O’Donnell » Glow: Percy Returns with a Bang March 20th, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    [...] Another great example of how our national schools intranet is really starting to make an impact on learning across the country. This post from the Glow Scotland blog really made me smile with 60 schools and over 1,000 children joining together to hear the story of Percy the Puffin. [...]

  2. Emily Dodd March 26th, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    A big thank you to all the teachers and children who made the first Glow Meet for Early Years so successful. Percy loved you all, despite being in a huff during the story. He especially liked answering all your brilliant questions and being the centre of attention.

    We’ve had a few requests for the counting rhyme words so I’ve added it as a download

    Also we’ve had requests to get Percy’s story published, when this happens we’ll
    do another Glow telling of Percy’s Homecoming. If you can’t wait till then, I’ll be telling his tale as part of the ‘Stories by The Sea’ series at the Scottish Seabird Centre on 3rd April at 2.30pm.

    Please come and visit us soon and check out our live webcams online. I’ll be back in the summer with the story of Maximus the Gannet and a trip to the Bass Rock (I’m writing his story just now). Then in autumn will have some super singing with the
    seals on the Isle of May.

    Thanks once again, Emily and Percy

  3. Emily Dodd March 26th, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Percy will send a postcard to any schools who send him letters, photos or artwork!

    The Scottish Seabird Centre
    The Harbour
    North Berwick
    EH39 4SS

  4. Jaye Richards April 17th, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    Here is a link to some good local press coverage of this event


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