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August 23rd, 2010

Co-Create Logo Design Challenge

Gail Cairns
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Co-Create is looking for a logo which will represent what the project is all about – creativity and collaboration. logo brief screen grab

In June, designer Tony Dunworth from Graphical House gave a presentation on logo design targeted at senior secondary pupils. He spoke about the principles of design, particularly focusing on the role of the designer. He also set a competition brief for pupils to design a logo for the Co-Create project. Visit the Glow Scotland Blog entry, Co-Create Logo Design Challenge  for more information on this presentation.

Upper secondary pupils are invited to take up the challenge by responding to the logo design brief. A number of designs will be selected for rotational use as banner logos for the Co-Create Glow Group and will be featured on related websites. The creator of the winning design will receive a flip video camera.

Use this Glow Group to find out more about Co-Create, and use the film and slide resources on this page to inform your design work.logo T Shirt

Please note that when you upload your design, only you and the Group Administrator will be able to see it. Designs will be made public after the selection of the winner is announced on Wednesday 15 September, 12 – 1pm, when designer Tony Dunworth from Graphical House returns to discuss some of the best entries and select the winner on Glow Meet.

August 23rd, 2010

Bookbug Pirate Pack – Find Out More!

Jennifer McDougall
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Pirate Pack ImageThe Bookbug Pirate Pack (formerly My Bookstart Treasure Chest) is gifted to all 3 year olds across Scotland in their ante pre-school year. In this Glow Meet you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Scottish Book Trust Early Years Programme, the Bookbug Pirate Pack and how the contents of the pack support the Curriculum for Excellence and how the pack fits into the wider literacy development work of early years settings.

Join this exciting Early Years Glow Meet with Tracy Lowe to find out more about this new programme and pack on Wednesday 1st September from 3.30pm – 4.15pm in the National Early Years Glow Group

This Glow meet would be extremely beneficial for all Nursery staff involved in gifting Bookbug Pirate Packs and also to Primary 1 teachers who can find out more about this new programme.

August 23rd, 2010

National Glow Group launched to support Site Collection Administrators

Gail Cairns
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We are delighted to announce the launch of a new National Glow Group, designed to provide an online training area for all Site Collection Administrators (SCAs) across Scotland.

SCA Banner

The SCA Support Group hosts videos, user guides and a forum to assist in a SCA role. Questions can also be posted in the National Glow Help Forum linked within the Glow Group.

The SCA Glow Group welcomes suggestions with regards to areas you would like to see covered or specific training sessions you would like to undertake for the SCA role. Any suggestions can be posted within the forum area of the Group.

Access to the group can be found on the National Site Glow Groups page or by clicking here.

August 23rd, 2010

Coming soon – The new Glow Light Homepage!

Gail Cairns
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The new Glow Light homepage will be live for all Glow users from Saturday 28th of August. Glow Light provides an easier to navigate home page, offering a cleaner, simpler and more attractive interface with buttons that take you instantly to your favourite Glow areas.

Glow Light provides five simple options:

1. Newsglowlight
Takes users directly to all the latest Glow Information
2. My Stuff
Users can easily access the areas of Glow most relevant to them
3. Search
Created to help users find specific content
4. Favourites
Created to allow users to list their favourite Glow Groups
5. Create
Allows users to build their own Glow Groups, or Glow Learn courses.

But why stop at 5? One of the lovely features of Glow Light is the ability for you to add your own buttons, taking you directly to the sites you visit most. If you would like to see how to do this, visit our short introductory video, showing you all the features of the Glow Light homepage.

Log in to Glow on Saturday the 28th of August for your first visit to the new Glow Light homepage.

August 20th, 2010

New class and new pupils? Why not use Glow to get to know them better?

Gail Cairns
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Gourock Primary School was faced with a situation common to many schools – a change of staffing and a new teacher having to establish relationships with their new pupils.

The Primary 5 class in Gourock Primary School, Inverclyde got a new teacher midway through the school year. A Discussion Board within the Getting To Know You Glow Group was used to allow the pupils and their new teacher get to know each other better.Zi6_0819-300x225

Isobel Sutherland used a Discussion Board in the class Getting To Know You Glow Group to pose the class a few questions to try and get to know them better. A new pupil had also recently joined the class, and the Discussion Board had added value as it allowed her to find out more about her new classmates. From the posts in the Discussion Board, Isobel found out some interesting details about her new class, and the pupils also found out new things about each other.

As luck would have it, a further change of staffing saw Isobel move Authority and Jaclyn McIlvogue take over the teaching of P5. With the Group already established, Jaclyn could easily find out more about her new pupils and let them know more about her interests too. It is the views of Jaclyn on the impact of the Discussion Board that we hear later in this Cookbook.

Visit this cookbook.

August 19th, 2010

Brain Doctors Glow Meet Thursday 26th August

J Jelly
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Higher res Logo 2



Connecting contemporary Scottish Scientists with schools pupils is a great way of inspiring a generation and debunking stereotypes of ‘men in white coats’. This coupled with the aims of the Topical Science organiser of CforE led to the birth of Too Hot To Handle? which aims to support Scotland’s teachers deliver just this, regardless of geographical location, using Glow.

During a series of Glow Meets on topical science issues, pupils and teachers have been able to question scientists in the field and take part in some interactive tasks. The Glow meets are supported by a Glow group which provides a discussion board where questions can be posted and answered by real scientists, vidcasts of the scientists talking about their work and access to teaching resources.

The ever popular topic of Space kicked off the project back in March, with Astrophysicists Duncan Forgan, Noe Kains and Chris Evans, to an audience of 1000 pupils. Following on from this success have been three further topics:    Flu Fighters, Biodiversity Buzz and Doable Renewables.

The last in the current series is Brain Doctors which will take place next Thursday, 26th August, from 2-3 pm, with additional 20 minute Q&A slots throughout the day for classes unable to make 2-3 pm.

The Brain Doctors, Professors Neil Roberts and Stephen Lawrie

This timely hot topic, fits in well with the news this last week which claims that scientists in London have devised a ’15 minute test for autism’ using brain imaging techniques. If you or your class fancy asking two eminent scientists, Professor Stephen Lawrie and Professor Neil Roberts, questions about this, or anything else to do with the brain or brain imaging, then tune in – it will be great to have you join us!

The Too Hot to Handle team have learnt a lot about Glow, particularly Glow Meet, and how to maximise its potential, and send a big thank you to all those schools and teachers who have provided valuable feedback. They will be putting all of this learning together and feeding it back to the community – watch this space! One idea for secondary schools, though, that is being implemented next week is the availability of Q&A time slots throughout the day for those struggling to make live events due to timetabling – think this is helpful? Do leave feedback here or in the Glow Group.
Join in next week and start the term with some topical science.

To sign up and to find out more, click this hyperlink –  Too Hot To Handle?

  • Log onto Glow
  • Go to the National Science Glow Group
  • Go to the Glow meet tab
  • Go to the Too Hot To Handle?  link
  • The Brain Doctors tab will tell you all about the Glow Meet

For more information or for help getting involved contact
Dr Cathy Southworth at
or by phoning 0131 650 5367

August 19th, 2010

P6 online classroom

Gail Cairns
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Francine Paterson finished her probationary year at Lasswade Primary School, Midlothian, in JunPresentation1e of 2010. During her year at Lasswade, Francine was introduced to Glow and was keen to investigate how to use the tools and functionality to enrich the learning experiences of her P6 pupils.

Visit this cookbook to find out how Francine used Glow to:

• Keep the pupils alerted to upcoming events in the school
• Publish the following week’s timetable
• Issue homework to pupils
• Store the homework responses that pupils upload
• Discuss the homework tasks and any other issues relating to school work
• Participate in the Dr Who National Glow Meet event and the associated learning activities

August 19th, 2010

Glowing Cookbook – Supporting Higher Geography with Glow Learn

Gail Cairns
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Emily Greenhorn teaches Geography at Jedburgh Grammar in the Scottish Borders.  


Following an introduction to Glow Learn (the virtual learning environment available to Glow users), Emily was keen to capitalise on the functionality provided to produce a Glow Learn course to support the learning and teaching of her Higher Geography class outwith the classroom.

With Glow Learn, Emily was able to create a virtual course structure that matched her classroom course. She populated lesson and topic folders with digital resources such as worksheets, presentations, audio and video clips which allowed Emily’s pupils to access material anytime/anywhere.

Visit this Glowing Cookbook

August 17th, 2010

NAS launches Glow Meet service – bookings now open for September 2010 – March 2011

Gail Cairns
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The National Archives of Scotland (NAS) has launched its 2010-2011 programmes for upper primaNASry and secondary school pupils. This year the NAS is also offering Glow Meet sessions as part of its education service.  

Topics include ‘An Introduction to the National Archives of Scotland’, ‘The Case of the Climbing Boy’, in which pupils become detectives to find out what happened to John O’Neill, the Climbing Boy in 1840, and ‘Starting Points‘ where pupils engage with a variety of archives to inspire their imaginations. The Secondary Schools Programme supports the new Higher History with ‘The Treaty of Union, 1689-1740’ and ‘The Impact of the Great War, 1914-1928’. 

Full details of the NAS Glow Meet sessions, 2010-2011, and booking forms are available on the NAS education website.

 Copies of the Primary and Secondary Schools Programmes, 2010-2011, are available at

August 12th, 2010

Glowing Cookbook – Debating in Primary 7

Gail Cairns
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Jennifer Neill is a teacher at Alexander Peden Primary School in North Lanarkshire. This year Jennifer’s remit hasCustom-List been to share a Primary Two class with a probationer teacher and support the other teachers in the school with the roll out of Glow. To do this she regularly meets with class teachers to discuss what interdisciplinary work they are completing in class and they look at ways in which Glow can compliment and support this. At present all pupils in the school have Glow log ons and are actively using Glow.

In Primary 7 the pupils were studying a topic on Vivisection for Literacy. Within this topic the pupils had a debate as to whether they agreed or disagreed with animal testing. After some research the pupils had to consider all the reasons for and against animal testing. The pupils then created short videos, using a video camera, giving an argument for or against animal testing, whichever they agreed with.

Visit this Cookbook to find out:

  • How Jennifer and Scott Clarke (North Lanarkshire Glow Development Officer) used Glow to support this Literacy activity.

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