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March 4th, 2011

A Virtual Photo Album for Glow

Julia Fenby
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As part of their Co-Create project, Street Level Photoworks have created  a virtual photo album for Glow. The album contains collections of works by celebrated photographers, including John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins, whose subjects have included Martin Luther King and the Beatles; and Colin Gray’s moving photo essays: The Parents and In Sickness & In Health.

Accompanying each body of photographic work are participatory activities and through the Glow group, opportunities for teachers and pupils to share learning.

Soon to be launched, this national Glow group will include:

- Videos of artists discussing photography

- Downloadable teachers notes

- Online exhibitions by participants uploaded on the site

Activities based on the photographic galleries and videos are curriculum linked, supporting a range of curriculum subjects and themes including Art and Design, English, Higher Photography and Modern Studies.

In addition, the resource includes information on the history of photography, how cameras work and practical guidance on how to create a camera obscura and a pinhole camera.

Co-Create is funded through a partnership between Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Creative Scotland National Lottery Fund.

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