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August 26th, 2011

Glow delivers a simple solution to logistical problems

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In this Glow Cookbook we focus on the work of one teacher, Kim Yapp, and how she found that Glow solved a long-standing problem. Kim teaches Modern Foreign Languages. For the last couple of years, the department has run a Culture Project for first year pupils.

Prior to the arrival of Glow in the school, the project, though very successful, had presented a number of logistical difficulties.

When Kim began to use Glow earlier this year, she was hopeful that it would deliver a simple solution to these logistical problems – and was delighted to find that it did!

A simple Glow Group had provided a way around the logistical barriers, as Kim had hoped, but there were unexpected additional benefits too. As the work was in a shared area from the start of the four periods, it was easy for Kim to monitor progress as the presentations developed and to step in quickly if any pupil was not pulling their weight. The Glow Group also enabled pupils to continue their work at home and to discuss it with their parents and carers.

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