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November 13th, 2011

Talking STEM Cells

Jennifer McDougall
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Scottish Stem Cell Network (SSCN) have been running a series of interactive workshops on the topic of Stem Cell aimed at S5 Higher Human Biology/ Higher Biology classes since the summer and two new ones have now been scheduled.

The workshops are delivered live by scientists enhancing the class room experience and providing a unique opportunity to explore science as a career.

Resources address key objectives by setting up scenarios to encourage interdisciplinary learning specifically addressing areas of Science, RMPS together with issues from Health and Wellbeing. The resources are designed to develop skills in group work within and across schools and critical analysis skills where the students will be assessing the moral and ethical issues associated with scientific advancements based on factual information validated and delivered by experts in the field.

The workshops are lead by a stem cell scientist, making use of a mix of presentations, interactive quizzes, video and web based activities and cover:

• A basic introduction into stem cells, the science.
• How can we use Stem Cells
• What does the future hold
• The Ethical questions
• Careers in the Stem Cell Industry

The two new sessions are identical in content but are on different days and times to hopefully suit the S5 timetable in your school.

Sign up and join us on either Wednesday 16th November live from 1.15 – 3.30pm or on Friday 25th November from 9.55-11.55am. Talking STEM Cells – 16/11 OR Talking STEM Cells 25/11

November 13th, 2011

Glowing Thursdays – National School Sports Week

Jennifer McDougall
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This week Scottish athlete Lee McConnell, 400 metres runner will be on Glowing Thursday to tell us about what it takes to be an Olympian and to encourage schools to get involved in National School Sports Week 2012.

Nearly half a million primary and secondary pupils from over 1,400 schools in Scotland participated in National School Sport Week last June, making it the biggest school sporting event in the country. So, the numbers for 2012 are set to rise!

The week will be from 11th – 15th June 2012 and the theme for this year is Stage your Games! The possibilities for capturing the Olympic and Paralympic spirit in your National School Sports Week events and for supporting interdisciplinary learning in Curriculum for Excellence are endless.

Join us live from Muirhouse Primary School in North Lanarkshire on Thursday 17th November at 11am and find out more about how you and your school can get involved! Sign up in Glow TV.

November 11th, 2011

Mrs Maths provides numeracy support through Glow

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In June of 2010 when this cookbook was recorded, Hazel Lowe, affectionately nicknamed Mrs Maths by her pupils, was seconded to Perth and Kinross council as a Numeracy Support Teacher. Following an introduction to Glow, Hazel set about discovering how she could best utilise the Glow tools and functionality in her support role. In this cookbook, Hazel gives us a flavour of the comprehensive Glow Group that she has developed which is aimed at providing stimulus and support for numeracy across the curriculum in Perth and Kinross.

Find out more by reading the Cookbook here

November 10th, 2011

Bookbug – What the Ladybird Heard

Jennifer McDougall
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During their first year at primary school, all children in Scotland will receive a free book with a message from Bookbug.

This year’s chosen book, ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson, won in the 0-7 age category of the 2011 Royal Mail Awards for Scottish Children’s Books. Thousands of children voted in this age group, so we are pleased to be gifting a book that really was their choice.

This Glow Meet will explore the book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ including gifting ideas and fun activities that students and teachers can plan at school or in their classroom. The official gifting week is the week beginning November 21.

The session will be presented by Tracy Lowe from the Scottish Book Trust who is a regular Glow Meet presenter, her enthusiasm and love for books is clearly demonstrated in her presentations!

Sign up and join us on Friday 11th November at 10.45am.

November 9th, 2011

An Award-Winning Glow Blog!

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Malcolm Wilson is an ICT Development Officer with Falkirk Council. Part of his role is to support Primary Schools in their use of ICT. Last year, Malcolm decided to use the then new Glow Blogs to create a blog as one of his support tools for Primary Schools. The blog, called ‘ICT for learning and teaching in Falkirk Primary Schools’, recently won 3rd Prize in the 2011 UK Education Blog Awards in the Most influential Blog of the Year category.

Read more in the Cookbook here

November 8th, 2011

Which Writer Wins? – part 3

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The “Which Writer Wins?” initiative takes place each year in Angus and involves around 1200 pupils in 55 primary schools.
P5 pupils are invited to read, or listen to, at least one book by each of three different authors and then to vote for their favourite writer.
This is the third of three cookbooks in which we explore how Glow has added a whole new dimension to this enjoyable and hugely valuable project.

Find out more in the cookbook here

November 4th, 2011

Scottish Parliament Live Event

Jennifer McDougall
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Are you or your class studying Advanced Higher Modern Studies Law & Order Event? Well this is an event that you will not want to miss.

The Scottish Parliament Education Service is pleased to invite schools to take part in an event for pupils studying the Law & Order study theme in Advanced Higher Modern Studies. This has become a popular annual event and we are usually unable to accommodate all pupils wishing to attend. This year we plan to include Glow Meets to ensure that all schools are able to take part.

This event will be broadcast live on Tuesday 8th November from 10am and will include the following in the programme:

10.30- 10.50 Watch Justice Committee meeting and Kenny MacAskill giving evidence through live Webstream from the Parliament.

11.00 -12.00 Q&A Glow Meet session with Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill

13.00 Q&A Glow Meet session with Members of Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee

Please note that the programme is subject to Parliamentary and Government business and may change. Any changes will be posted on the Glow TV schedule listing where you sign up and join the event.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV for this exciting event.

November 4th, 2011

Story Telling in Early Years using Glow Meet

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Margo Kerr was teaching in her nursery post at Kirknewton Primary School and working as the Early Years ICT Development Officer within the West Lothian Council Early Years Team. Margo’s remit was to provide curricular ICT support to all Early Years practitioners (nursery – P3) within the Local Authority and to drive forward and support the implementation of Glow within the Nurseries.

There are five standalone Early Years Centres and eight Nursery Schools in West Lothian. Since these Early Years establishments are not attached to a school, they do not have access to a school Glow establishment site. West Lothian therefore asked to have a separate, single Glow establishment created for the standalone Early Years establishments. The staff in all of these nurseries had their Glow accounts provisioned within this establishment, which is called ‘West Lothian Early Years’ to enable them to all work together.

Margo was keen to provide a place where the Nursery staff could communicate and collaborate and so created a Glow Group at Local Authority level. It was created at this level to enable all nursery staff, from both the standalone nurseries and those attached to schools, to be able to access the Group if they wanted to. Margo tells us a little bit about this and how she introduced staff in the standalone nurseries to the Glow Group:

To find out more read the Cookbook here

November 3rd, 2011

Glovember – Meet a different author every day

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Why not enter our Glovember writing competition – we are looking for stories, poems and drawings from young people across Scotland.

All of next week GlowTV will be hosting different authors as part of Glovember. Please join us with:

Lynne Rickards – Monday 7th November @ 1:30pm

Scott McIntyre – Tuesday 8th November @ 1.30pm

Simon Puttock – Wednesday 9th November @ 1.30pm

Barry Hutchison – Thursday 10th November @ 1.30pm

Tony Bonning – Friday 11th November @ 1.30pm

You can sign up here on GlowTV

November 1st, 2011

e-portfolios using Glow blogs at Barr Primary, South Ayrshire

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From the recommendations contained within Building the Curriculum 5 Jennifer Richardson then South Ayrshire’s Curriculum for Excellence Assessment Team Development Officer, had decided to initiate a pilot project to use Glow to help schools meet the requirements. The documentation states that,

“children and young people should agree learning goals and should record them in ways that are meaningful and relevant.”

To find out more read the cookbook here

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