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December 20th, 2012

Glow – December 2012 update from Craig Munro

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Posted on behalf of Craig Munro, Strategic Director

As part of our commitment to provide up to date information about the evolution of Glow, this update outlines key milestones and the status of the migration projects.

We are awaiting the Excellence Group report and the full findings for the long term future of Glow, which will be due soon. However, in the interim, please find an update on all the exciting things that are happening currently within Glow as it evolves.


RM Unify – On the 10th of December we successfully launched the new RM Unify interface, all staff across Scotland now have this landing page by default. Pupils also have access from a button on the Glow Light screen; they too will have this by default early in the new year with the exact date to be confirmed. Early feedback from you indicates that users like the simplified navigation.

Office 365 Exchange Online – We’ve been working closely with West Dunbartonshire Council and Falkirk as not only have they got the new Unify interface for both staff and pupils, they’ve also started to use the new Office 365 Exchange Online email solution. All 32 local authorities have been contacted and email preferences have been captured. Each authority is assigned to a preferred tranche as we further rollout the email solution to schools across Scotland.

Portal Migration – Work has started on the portal migration project which will see us pass all possible content from Glow’s portal in to Office 365. This is an extensive piece of work that we currently expect to take between 4 and 6 months and we currently aim to have completed by summer 2013. We are hoping to start the migration early in 2013. As with all information on our migration projects we are posting updates and gathering your questions in the national Glow Group (MiGO365).

Glow Blogs (e-portfolios and school sites) – Stakeholders raised concerns about the plan to migrate away from the current WordPress implementation of Glow Blogs. In response to this, and to increase user choice, we continue to seek clarification on the feasibility of making available a new installation of WordPress that will be available in parallel with SharePoint Online. In the meantime you have my assurance that the data sitting in the current version of WordPress will continue to be available to you while we consider the next steps.

A working group made up of representatives from Local Authorities and SQA continues to develop the user requirements for a new Glow e-portfolio solution. We will continue to keep you updated as we work towards the final solution.

SWAN (Scottish Wide Area Network)
The Interconnect 2.0 contract with Thus has been extended until 31 May 2014. The connections will be replaced by SWAN with transition planned for April/May 2014. The Output Based Specification (OBS) has been completed by SWAN Vanguard partners, Education Scotland, NHS Scotland, Pathfinder South and Pathfinder North. The SWAN procurement is live and 10 bidders are through to the dialogue phase. A bidder event will be held on 20th December and the Invitation to Participate in Dialogue and OBS documents have been forwarded to them following approval at the Vanguard project board.

We hope that this post keeps you up to date with progress and next steps and has outlined where we have got to and where we are going.


Craig Munro, Strategic Director
Strategy, Performance and Corporate Resources

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