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March 12th, 2013

Featured community – Mary’s Meals

Con Morris
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Mary’s Meals, the international charity which now feeds more than 730,000 children every school day in 16 countries needs no introduction!

I have to say I was chuffed when Tracy Coughlan, education coordinator for Mary’s Meals, contacted me and asked for some help. Tracy sees the professional learning community as another way to support educators who are using learning materials such as Child 31 and the Backpack Project.

To kick-start the community, Tracy has posted this message

Wanted! Dynamic, enthusiastic teachers of all subjects!

Following the recent release and distribution of Child 31 to all schools in the UK, (if you don’t have your copy yet, your Director of Education will send it to you very soon) we are looking for your response in the form of lesson plans and study packs! Have you watched it yet? Can you help make a difference? Please contact Tracy at  or upload them to here on Glow! “

Says it all!

You can find the community on Glow at http://marysmealshome

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