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March 7th, 2011

Scottish Ballet – Behind the Scenes

Jennifer McDougall
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We are excited to announce that Scottish Ballet will be streaming live from the dancers’ morning class in their award winning studios in Glasgow for the first time, offering a previously unseen perspective on the world of Scottish Ballet’s dancers.

Starting with an introduction from Ballet Mistress Hope Muir, you will see the dancers training and developing their technique through a sequence of exercises. Hope will lead us through the class, describing the processes behind the movements and how they benefit the dancers’ bodies.

This will be followed by a question and answer session in which you will have the opportunity to put your questions to one of Scottish Ballet’s dancers.

Sign up and join us on Thursday 10th March from 10.40 – 11.40am in Glowing Thursdays.

March 4th, 2011

A Virtual Photo Album for Glow

Julia Fenby
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As part of their Co-Create project, Street Level Photoworks have created  a virtual photo album for Glow. The album contains collections of works by celebrated photographers, including John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins, whose subjects have included Martin Luther King and the Beatles; and Colin Gray’s moving photo essays: The Parents and In Sickness & In Health.

Accompanying each body of photographic work are participatory activities and through the Glow group, opportunities for teachers and pupils to share learning.

Soon to be launched, this national Glow group will include:

- Videos of artists discussing photography

- Downloadable teachers notes

- Online exhibitions by participants uploaded on the site

Activities based on the photographic galleries and videos are curriculum linked, supporting a range of curriculum subjects and themes including Art and Design, English, Higher Photography and Modern Studies.

In addition, the resource includes information on the history of photography, how cameras work and practical guidance on how to create a camera obscura and a pinhole camera.

Co-Create is funded through a partnership between Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Creative Scotland National Lottery Fund.

January 21st, 2011

Don’t Start Me! – Meeting the Cast and PC Geoff Smith

Julia Fenby
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This week P3 and P4 pupils and teachers from 20 Glasgow primary schools experienced their first Glow Meets as part of the ‘Don’t Start Me!’ project.

Teachers have been using resource materials from the project Glow group to prepare their classes for a visit from TAG later this month, when they will see a live performance exploring how violence and crime can begin.

This Tuesday, pupils were able to meet the cast and director of the play, look behind the scenes at the Citizens Theatre and see rehearsals in progress. There was plenty of time for questions and answers, and pupils enthusiastically asked the actors about their roles and the storyline, how they got to be actors and their lives working in the theatre.

During the week, pupils have been creating their own character cards, completing comic strip captions and using role play to explore the issues and emotions arising from the story, sharing photos of their work on the Glow group.

On Thursday, PC Geoff Smith from Strathclyde Police Anti Violence Unit joined the schools via Glow Meet to talk about his work in Glasgow’s East End. PC Smith was interviewed by Angela Smith, Education Officer at TAG, and talked about every aspect of his job, including his uniform and the equipment he carries, demonstrating how handcuffs work on Angela! Pupils had lots of good questions to ask and found out that the best tool in difficult situations is a calm voice and that police cells and prison breakfasts are definitely to be avoided.

The ‘Don’t Start Me!’ tour begins in Glasgow schools on Monday 24 January.

Co-Create is funded through a partnership between Learning and Teaching Scotland and theCreative Scotland National Lottery Fund.

January 20th, 2011

Have your say on Co-Create…

Gail Cairns
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Co-Create is supporting artists, performers, writers and Scotland’s schools to work and learn together in new ways, using Glow, developing practice and demonstrating the key role the arts and creativity play in supporting Curriculum for Excellence.

Learning and Teaching Scotland would like to invite primary and secondary school pupils, teachers and school management and staff from arts organisations, who have been involved in one of the ten Co-Create projects to have your say on the impact of the Co-Create project on learning and teaching practice.

Take advantage of the opportunity to provide feedback on:

  • The impact of the Co-Create project on young people’s learning experiences
  • The extent to which the Co-Create project supported implementation of Curriculum for Excellence and use of Glow
  • The extent to which the Co-Create project has enabled new teaching and learning methodologies
  • The effectiveness of the partnership models adopted to manage and deliver the Co-Create project.

The survey should take pupils no more than five minutes to complete, and all responses will remain anonymous.

Co-Create is funded through a partnership between Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Creative Scotland National Lottery Fund.

January 17th, 2011

YDance – Supporting Higher Dance through Glow

Julia Fenby
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YDance (Scottish Youth Dance) is the National Dance Agency for children and young people in Scotland. It is a leading provider of quality dance experiences and education, encouraging young people to get creative and active through dance.

Through the Co-Create project, YDance is providing continuing support to teachers of Higher Dance at Greenock Academy, Lenzie Academy and Dumfries High School including live CPD and choreography sessions through Glow Meet and pupil and teacher zones with lots of useful resources and helpful hints.

As well as practical workshops delivered by YDance in the schools, participating PE teachers have been meeting YDance tutors every week through Glow Meet for guidance on all aspects of the course, including the four set dances they have to teach. This approach has given teachers the opportunity to discuss choreography, share ideas and see examples of pupil work.

The YDance Glow Group is under development and is due to go live later this month. As well as providing an overview of the Co-Create project and the Higher Dance curriculum, it will include lots of useful guidance and support materials for anyone thinking of teaching or studying Higher Dance. A Pupil Zone will include hints and tips on the course, with practical advice on what to wear and healthy living, plus videos of pupils talking why Higher Dance has been a positive experience for them. A Teachers Zone will include sample videos of technique exercises and set dances, examples of written work and choreography lesson plans, together with support materials on career paths and opportunities for pupils.

For more information on YDance and the support and resources  on offer for schools visit their website at

Co-Create is funded through a partnership between Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Creative Scotland National Lottery Fund.

January 13th, 2011

Don’t Start Me! – exploring where violence begins

Julia Fenby
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This term, TAG, the learning department of Citizens Theatre, is working in partnership with Strathclyde Police and 20 Glasgow primary schools on ‘Don’t Start Me!’, a project which explores where crime and violence begins.

P3 and P4 children from the participating schools will see a play in which a 9 year old boy, Craig gets involved with his older cousin Johnny’s gang, resulting in serious consequences for Craig and his classmates.

Prior to seeing the play in their schools later this month, pupils and teachers are becoming familiar with the play and its characters through the Don’t Start Me! Glow group, which contains a growing body of resources for pre and post performance activities.

Pupils are invited to find out about Craig, his mum Sandra, his sister Jamie Lee and cousin Craig by reading character cards for each of them. They will then create their own character card and share it via Glow. In another activity, pupils will create a comic strip depicting a scenario from Craig’s story.

Through Glow Meet, participants will be able to watch a rehearsal and meet the actors and an officer from Strathclyde Police anti violence unit, who will talk about the issues raised by the play.

Don’t Start me is one of ten Co-Create demonstration projects, where arts organisations are working with schools and other partners in order to explore the possibilities of using Glow to develop new resources and new approaches to learning and teaching.

Co-Create is funded through a partnership between Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Creative Scotland National Lottery Fund.

December 10th, 2010

Figurenotes Conference

Julia Fenby
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Last week, Glasgow City Hall’s Old Fruitmarket venue was packed with teachers, educators, musicians and policy makers wanting to find out more about Figurenotes, a simple music notation system that uses colours and symbols instead of notes.

The Figurenotes conference was organized by Drake Music Scotland, the Scottish partner in an international network of music educators using Figurenotes to make music making accessible to a range of user groups including SEN music, Early Years and those with Autistic Spectrum disorder.

‘Making music should be a basic human right – Figurenotes is helping to place the joy and delight of making music in reach of all.’

Markku Kaikkonen and Kaarlo Uusitalo, Figurenotes creators

Presentations from inspiring teachers like Annona Thornton from Lilybank school, made evident the powerful impact the system has for children and young people – they find it easy to use and can quickly achieve and make progress, which in turn helps build confidence, motivation and communication skills. Figurenotes not only supports one to one teaching, it also allows differentiation within shared group activity.

Drake has been trialling Figurenotes Software with 40 people, and is using their feedback to develop the software before rolling it out nationally to Scotland’s music educators in 2011. Information on the software and a Figurenotes Resource pack will be available early next term.

In the iCompose session, Conference delegates had an opportunity to try out Figurenotes, creating short compositions which were played back to them by professional musicians from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Drake Music Scotland is working in partnership with Scottish Chamber Orchestra on the iCompose competition, which this year includes a Special Needs Category. For more information on the competition and how to enter visit

Drake Music Scotland is one of ten Scottish arts organisations awarded funding to deliver a Co-Create project for Glow.

December 10th, 2010

SHINE – A creative music Co-Create project

Julia Fenby
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Through Co-CreateDrake Music Scotland is working in partnership with West Dunbartonshire Council and Kilpatrick Secondary School on SHINE, a project which is shedding light on the artistic process, unpacking resources and sharing experiences and performances via Glow.

Using new Soundbeam 5 technology and the Figurenotes notation system, pupils are taking part in creative music making sessions which are designed to be fully accessible for Kilpatrick School’s pupils with Additional Support Needs.

Drake Associate Musician Matilda Brown is visiting the school every Wednesday to make music more accessible across the school. Pupils are learning new skills and creating their own compositions and teachers are being trained in using the music technology. Throughout this academic year, pupils and staff will be sharing their learning through Glow.

During the project, the Glow Group will be developed by project participants, and it will then be opened up nationally so that teachers across Scotland can see what can be achieved with resources such as Soundbeam 5 and Figurenotes. Drake will highlight best practice in the creative use of this valuable technology and enable discussions to take place to develop this on a national level.

The SHINE project supports the Experiences and Outcomes for the Expressive Arts, (Music) Literacy and Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing across the curriculum. It also upholds the progression principles of the Curriculum for Excellence, in particular, challenge and enjoyment, relevance and coherence.

Co-Create is funded through a partnership between Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Creative Scotland National Lottery Fund.

Image credit: Colin Dickson

December 6th, 2010

Traditional and Gaelic arts and language with Féis Rois

Julia Fenby
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Féis Rois is an arts organisation based in Dingwall which enables people of all ages to access, participate in and enjoy the traditional and Gaelic arts and language through a diverse programme of shared activities in Ross and Cromarty, across Scotland and beyond.

For their Co-Create project, Fèis Rois is bringing together P5-6 pupils from two Aberdeenshire primary schools and two Highland special education units for pupils with complex additional support needs. Pupils will participate in the traditional arts (storytelling, music, song and dance) and new media and technology, sharing their learning through Glow.

The project started this term with workshops taking place in each of the schools. P5/6 Pupils in Aberdeenshire have been working with a traditional storyteller, Ruth Kirkpatrick, to learn about the art of telling stories and the history behind traditional tales.  The classes have been working on the stories Ruth has taught them outwith the scheduled time to make story plates and sticks. Musicians Findlay Napier and Angus Lyon will be working with the class to create their own compositions and songs around the stories they have been working on. The pupils in Highland are working with Fèis Rois to learn about traditional music and the art of song writing. Applegrove school have been using their class topics as stimulus for creating songs and the pupils have been introduced to and taught about a different instrument each week.  Both schools have been working with musician and song writer, Jim Hunter and Rachael Duff from Fèis Rois and will be joined by musician Colin Mclean next week.

The two groups, including pupils, teachers and support staff, will keep video diaries and interact with each other throughout the project using Glow tools. As the project develops, videos of pupils’ work, together with images and creative writing compositions will be put up onto the project Glow group which can be found within the Co-Create group. The Fèis Rois Group is currently under development, and will be made available nationally when the project is complete in early 2011.

Throughout the project, pupils will be exposed to traditional Scottish culture, they will have the opportunity to enjoy performances by professional artists and performers, and they will develop new skills, creating and performing their own work for others. The project supports implementation of Curriculum for Excellence – it has a particular focus on the Expressive Arts, with Health and Wellbeing and Literacy experiences and outcomes.

Co-Create is funded through a partnership between Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Creative Scotland National Lottery Fund.

November 19th, 2010


Julia Fenby
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On the final day of State of Emergency, S2 year groups from all seven schools came together via Glow Meet to share their learning experiences from this intensive week of activity.

Tarbert Academy journalists gave a live report on the conflict as news broke in the west of Scotland. Their broadcast was interrupted when freedom fighters broke into the newsroom in protest against the government regime.

A Bathgate Academy human rights campaigner gave a powerful speech about the importance of integrity and trust.

During the week, Lochend Secondary pupils had explored war poetry in English and code breaking in Maths. In Drama they’d made a film about a boy who wanted to join the army and in PE they’d learned what it might feel like to be in the army as they were made to run outside in the cold!

Clyde Valley High had a visit from the Red Cross and found out about refugee camps; they created Facebook pages and video messages for viral communications; they made images of war by acting out and photographing scenes involving rebels, civilians and government soldiers.

The Army marched into Cumnock Academy hall and set up an assault course – the highlight of the week for the reporters:

“It was amazing, great fun – I didn’t come first but I did enjoy it!”

“It helped build my confidence”.

They also had visits from the Red Cross and a Human Rights lawyer and learned that everyone has rights to equality and protection. Pupils had purified water in Science, and designed and built devices to transport black market goods through underground tunnels in Technology and Art.

At Greenock Academy aid workers had training in basic first aid and learned to cook nutritious meals with limited supplies. The army launched a search for a missing soldier and through constructing a refugee camp, they learned team work, how to filter water, make up ration packs and distribute food to refugees.

Holy Cross High reported that propaganda was rife, with posters put up around the school by both factions; normal lines of communications had been destroyed. The Department of PE had transformed soldiers into ‘lean, mean fighting machines’ in Sniper Alley; the Department of Technology investigated ways of disposing of human waste; the Department of Social Studies researched the causes of conflict, whilst the Department of Drama explored the motivations of those involved.

State of Emergency has clearly been an amazing experience for both pupils and staff. I would encourage you to visit the Glow Group to read pupil diaries about their learning, look at more photographs of cross-curricular activities and see the rich variety of resources shared by participating teachers. This really has been Curriculum for Excellence in action.

Co-Create is funded through a partnership between Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Creative Scotland National Lottery Fund.

Image credit: Kath Morley, Greenock Academy

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