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June 12th, 2009

Bob’s Google map Glow Project

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Bob Hill’s Glow project is all about collaboration in Glow.  It is a great project because Bob aims to involve teachers from all over Scotland in a practical project about our favourite subject, the weather.


Bob works out of  Dundee and is in ICT Support for DCC Educational Services. He is promoting the use of Google maps to share information about the weather in Scotland. By asking teachers and pupils to capture local information about the weather and put it in a shared google map which can be found in a National Glow group Weather with Google Maps Glow group.


If you are a teacher Primary or Secondary and not least ateacher of Geography you should get involved.  If  I was teaching about the Weather, Enquiry Skills (eg S1) or Google maps after the summer holidays, I would seriously consider getting my class to contribute to Bob’s glow group and share my local information with schools across the country. It would be great to view more local weather in Bob’s Google map. full instructions on how to do this are in the Glow group.You can ask him about his Glow group in the Discussions page of Weather and Google Maps or @robthill in Twitter.


You can find Bob’s Glow group in the National Site in the Collaborative Projects National Glow group.


Bob, good luck with a great Glow idea.

June 10th, 2009

Glow for Science and Transition

J Jelly
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At this time of year, many P7 pupils are getting a taster of a day or two at secondary school to prepare them for S1. P7 pupils at Craigiebarns PS in Dundee are ahead of the game through Glow! Two P7 classes and their teachers were able to take part in a series of lessons about Burning and the Gases of the Air through Glow Meet video-conferences with Kath Squire, PT Biology at the associated secondary school, Craigie HS. Some S2 volunteers helped Kath to show live, various aspects of burning. She had also prepared presentations to deliver though Glow Meet’s whiteboard space. The two classes were able to annotate on the whiteboard in different colours, reponding to Kath’s questions and interacting in the lesson. This Glow tool is a powerful way to support transition and help enhance topics which are difficult to deliver safely in the primary classroom.

Burning 3

This week’s Glowing Thursday Glow Meet session will enable Glow users to meet Kath, and also, Avril Martin, DHT at Craigiebarns PS. Avril set up the project Glow Group and arranged for the two P7 classes to participate. If you have a Glow login, navigate to the Glowing Thursday page and read more about the project and then join the Meet around 4pm Thursday 11th June.

May 2nd, 2009

Chemical Industry Glows from Aberdeen across Scotland

J Jelly
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April 29th saw the first national Glow Meet for chemistry classes. It was hosted in Aberdeen Grammar School thanks to P.T. Chemistry, Susan Davis, and Aberdeen City’s Principal Officer (Education ICT), Richard Elliott, but classes from around Scotland benefitted: St John’s HS, Dundee; Stirling HS; Marr College, South Ayrshire; Lenzie Academy, East Dunbartonshire; and several from Aberdeenshire – Fraserburgh Academy, Aboyne Academy and the Gordon Schools.

Chemical Engineers Glow Meet

Craig Burnett, a recent entrant to the profession, described his path from Banchory Academy to his current postion with Talisman Energy, and also took the audience through the Higher Chemistry content statements about the Chemical Industry.
Gavin Smith shared his vast experience in various areas of the chemical industry with the pupils, and showed the huge responsibility that can weigh on engineers’ shoulders in terms of making sure that plants (including oil rigs) are safe – from design through to everyday procedures.
Some of the teachers who accessed the Glow Meet with their classes have left feedback in the National Sciences Glow Group:

“I used Glow Meet for the first time this morning and I really enjoyed it! I thought the presentation worked very well and I thought Gavin and Craig were very interesting and covered the topic well. I found Glow Meet very easy to use and I was happy to find that you could still join in the discussion just by typing. Thanks for giving me opportunity to join in this morning. I will be keeping an look-out for more Glow Meet events.”

“First experience of Glow Meet a very positive one. Gavin and Craig excellent at giving the pupils a wider perspective on the applications of Chemistry after school/university.
We found Glow Meet easy to use, no problems with set-up.
We didn’t have a microphone and so had to type all questions in – found this a bit restrictive and slowed things down a bit, making the Glow meet not quite as interactive as we had anticipated.
Would definitely participate again.”

“I am trying to push the use of Glow in SHS and it is events like this that are going to make it happen. The feedback from both Chemistry staff and pupils has been great. Thanks to Gavin and Craig and more please!”

If you have ideas for future Glow Meets for chemistry or any of the other sciences, leave a note in the National Sciences Glow Group, or by leaving a comment on this blog.

After the Glow Meet

December 1st, 2008

Singapore visitors in Dundee left Glowing

Lorna Arbuckle
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(Blog post written by Louise Henderson -  Education Support Officer ICT EY/Primary Educational Development Service Dundee City Council).

A group of educationalists from Singapore visited Dundee last week to observe how they are using Glow to enhance learning and teaching in their schools.   The day began with an introduction to Glow and a tour of the role based sites.  They thoroughly enjoyed the brain training games within the National ‘Glow Games’ group and were impressed  with the extent of communication and collaboration already taking place at Authority Level in the Dundee City Glow Groups.  

Regina using Glow Meet

 The visitors received a very warm welcome at Barnhill P.S. by Pam Nesbitt HT and Sharon McQuillan DHT.  Here they were introduced to P7 pupils actively engaged in using Glow Groups.   The pupils have made a link with P7 at Forthill P.S. to collaborate in a joint WWII project and regularly use Glow Meet to discuss their project outcomes.  The Singapore visitors commented, “Barnhill is a school of the future” and the innovation taking place through Glow was obviously having an impact on the achievement and motivation of the pupils.

Glow Meet at Barnhill Primary School Dundee

Next stop Grove Academy where the Singapore visitors were welcomed by John Hunter HT and Kenny Stewart PT of Computing.  Here they received a presentation by Kenny titled, ‘Glow ‘n’ Grove – The story so far’.  He demonstrated how his school is using Glow to improve communication flow between all departments and how he is engaging with his pupils through the use of glow groups and Glow Learn. 

Grove Academy Glow presentation

The Singapore visitors were thoroughly impressed with the innovation taking place at all levels within educational establishments across Dundee and could see how motivated and inspired teachers and pupils were when engaged with Glow.  

November 25th, 2008

Historic Glow Learn Training

J Jelly
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24th & 25th November saw the first national Glow Learn training sessions, held at Stirling Management Centre. Representatives of Aberdeen, Clackmannanshire, Dundee, South Lanarkshire and Western Isles attended this well-structured, intensive two-day residential course – the first of several to come over the next few months.
Ian introducing Glow Learn The course was introduced by Ian Hoffman, who gave an overview of Glow’s virtual learning environment, Glow Learn, and its potential as a tool for teaching and learning. The possibilities to create, organise and share digital resources; to search for, copy and amend other teachers’ resources and courses; to plan courses comprising these digital resources; to set digital tasks for enrolled pupils; to monitor pupil progress in these assignments – and how to incorporate all this in a Glow Group Learning Space was all covered over the two days!
Those attending were full of ideas for how they might take Glow Learn forward back in their schools or local authorities – and documented these in a specially set up national Glow Group devoted to Glow Learn Training.
We all also amended our profiles (look on the page you first see when you log into Glow for the link to this) to include “Glow Learn” as an area of interest. This will let other folk find us when they search the Glow membership using “area of interest” as the key field. If you have a Glow login, try it! (It’s a good idea to add your areas of interest such as sector or subject to your profile if you like the idea of collaborating with others in a similar situation. Once we all document our interests, we’ll be able to make such useful contacts!)
Some Dundee Glow Learners Several hands on sessions were held to take us all through the various steps involved in using Glow Learn, interspersed with presentations covering important issues such as observing IPR (intellectual property rights).
There were some light-hearted moments: Ian claimed to be the “supervisor” of the training team and his role was even celebrated in an ode by one of the participants, but his “lassies” – Karen-Anne, Dawn, Gerri and Lesley, the very able workshop leaders – were not so sure!
Ian rounded off the two days with a challenge to those of us who had attended – to go back to school or L.A. and use Glow Learn soon in earnest, to keep in touch and to help our colleagues to move forward with Glow to the benefit of all our learners.
If you are interested in using Glow Learn, have a look at the tutorials.

November 19th, 2008

Glow Learn in Dundee

Tina Stevens
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At the end of last week I was in Dundee as part of their ‘Making Connections’ Event – the theme of which was using ICT to enhance Curriculum for Excellence and Learning Together.
As many teachers in Dundee City are already using the Glow portal and Glow groups really successfully my role was to talk about Glow Learn (the ‘teachers’ part of Glow as one practitioner put it). Glow Learn is a fantastic tool and lets teachers do all sorts of really useful things like set assessments and differentiate work but I have always felt that if it is used alone you lose all of the wonderful collaborative opportunities that come with using Glow groups.
The solution of course would be to use both Glow Learn and Glow groups together and luckily this can be done very easily through the use of a special Glow group called a Learning Space.
The teachers in Dundee were genuinely excited by all of the new opportunities that this development could bring . One teacher who has been using Glow groups for a while said that Glow Learn was ‘just what she had been waiting for’.
The first round of Glow Learn training is just about to begin for many Local Authorities, and if you want to try it for yourself there are great modules under the ‘Learning about Glow’ tab either in Glow or on the Glowscotland website.

July 2nd, 2008

Glow eases transition in Dundee

Anne Ward
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Many pupils feel daunted by the prospect of making the move into primary or secondary school. Yet Glow can provide a useful support network during this period of change, as schools in Dundee are discovering

Glow Meet has the potential to strengthen collaboration between Dundee’s nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools. In one transition project, nursery pupils use blogs, discussion forums and Glow Chat to build a friendship with P6 ‘buddies’, who treat them to a virtual classroom tour. By the time these nursery pupils enter P1 they already have a friendly face to welcome them to their new school.

Meanwhile, a Modern Foreign Languages transition project is linking up primary and secondary schools. Barnhill Primary School has trialled a project which uses French café culture to promote foreign languages. Pupils upload their French speaking exercises as MP3 files and post them on the discussion forum, where secondary pupils provide advice and feedback.

‘We have a strong vision for supporting transition through Glow,’ said Louise Henderson, Education Support Officer for ICT in the Nursery/Primary sectors. ‘The resources available through Glow make it much easier to communicate across sectors and break down the barriers.’

A Primary 7 pupil from Barnhill Primary in Dundee said:

‘We have sent our work to other schools that have evaluated it and sent it back through Glow; we have then improved our presentations. The other school gave us more critical feedback than our peers at Barnhill, which was good because we then could make our work better.’

Find out more about Glow in Dundee.

June 2nd, 2008

Glow Learn personalises learning at Grove Academy

Anne Ward
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‘The dog ate it’ is the famous excuse pupils have at the ready for teachers demanding homework assignments. But as Grove Academy teacher Kenny Stewart mischievously points out, Glow Learn could change all that. ‘Perhaps I’ll get all my students to do their homework in digital form – there will be no such excuses then!’

Joking aside, Kenny is quickly discovering the potential that Glow Learn has to actually achieve that sought-after concept of personalised learning. His pilot project as a Glow Mentor involved uploading his lesson content onto Glow Learn for his computing class to work through.

‘It’s very easy to create links to existing resources (such as websites or documents), which can help cater for a wide range of learning styles,’ explained Kenny. ‘It gave some of my S3 pupils a chance to use Glow Learn and the feedback received was very encouraging.

‘The big plus for me was personalisation – pupils can choose how they want to learn and of course they can continue their studies at home. That sense of responsibility for their own learning was something pupils really seemed to value.’

Read more about personalised learning at Grove Academy and Glow in Dundee.

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