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June 1st, 2009

Science Challenges Glow Meet

Dawn Adams
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Mission Impossible Science Challenges

Find out about how schools from across Scotland are talking part in science challenges and collaborating using Glow Meet. From 9am until 3pm today, June 1st, three schools from across Scotland are taking part in the Foam Fire Extinguisher challenge by Kitchen Chemistry. Pupils from Perth High School, Marr College and Calderglen High School will be exploring a range of chemical reactions with the aim to produce foam. The design process will then begin as pupils from S2 – S3 strive to create a fire extinguisher which can put out a fire in the shortest time. One of the challenges they will face is to find a way to keep the chemicals apart to ensure the fire extinguisher doesn’t go off until they need to put out a fire!

These schools are exploring the possibilities of creating their own fire extinguishers through hands on experiments and sharing their findings in Glow Meet. Pete Johnson from Kitchen Chemistry who is also a teacher at Stewart’s Melville College will be working with all four schools to guide them through their scientific discoveries using the audio, video and white board in Glow Meet. Pupils will be collaborating and updating discussion boards in a Science Challenges Glow Group throughout the day to update everyone with their findings, sharing top tips and eventually their finished products.

The fire service will be joining S2 at Perth High School to give a presentation on fire safety to all the schools involved and then judging the competition to find the most successful fire extinguisher.

You can join this Glow Meet now, Monday 1st June to watch their progress. Join the Science Challenges Glow group by clicking on the link below and then clicking on Send request.

May 2nd, 2009

Chemical Industry Glows from Aberdeen across Scotland

J Jelly
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April 29th saw the first national Glow Meet for chemistry classes. It was hosted in Aberdeen Grammar School thanks to P.T. Chemistry, Susan Davis, and Aberdeen City’s Principal Officer (Education ICT), Richard Elliott, but classes from around Scotland benefitted: St John’s HS, Dundee; Stirling HS; Marr College, South Ayrshire; Lenzie Academy, East Dunbartonshire; and several from Aberdeenshire – Fraserburgh Academy, Aboyne Academy and the Gordon Schools.

Chemical Engineers Glow Meet

Craig Burnett, a recent entrant to the profession, described his path from Banchory Academy to his current postion with Talisman Energy, and also took the audience through the Higher Chemistry content statements about the Chemical Industry.
Gavin Smith shared his vast experience in various areas of the chemical industry with the pupils, and showed the huge responsibility that can weigh on engineers’ shoulders in terms of making sure that plants (including oil rigs) are safe – from design through to everyday procedures.
Some of the teachers who accessed the Glow Meet with their classes have left feedback in the National Sciences Glow Group:

“I used Glow Meet for the first time this morning and I really enjoyed it! I thought the presentation worked very well and I thought Gavin and Craig were very interesting and covered the topic well. I found Glow Meet very easy to use and I was happy to find that you could still join in the discussion just by typing. Thanks for giving me opportunity to join in this morning. I will be keeping an look-out for more Glow Meet events.”

“First experience of Glow Meet a very positive one. Gavin and Craig excellent at giving the pupils a wider perspective on the applications of Chemistry after school/university.
We found Glow Meet easy to use, no problems with set-up.
We didn’t have a microphone and so had to type all questions in – found this a bit restrictive and slowed things down a bit, making the Glow meet not quite as interactive as we had anticipated.
Would definitely participate again.”

“I am trying to push the use of Glow in SHS and it is events like this that are going to make it happen. The feedback from both Chemistry staff and pupils has been great. Thanks to Gavin and Craig and more please!”

If you have ideas for future Glow Meets for chemistry or any of the other sciences, leave a note in the National Sciences Glow Group, or by leaving a comment on this blog.

After the Glow Meet

April 27th, 2009

Education award nominee delivers fantastic Glowing Thursday session

Tina Stevens
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pinwherry-primary.jpgClass teacher Avril Taylor is from Pinwherry Primary School, a 14 pupil primary school in South Ayrshire that is discovering the benefits of Glow Meet. Avril has been so successful in her incorporation of Glow into The P5/6/7 composite class that she has been nominated for a Scottish Education Award.

On Thursday 23 April Avril was the latest ‘expert’ to deliver a Glowing Thursday session where she explained to teachers from across the country how she is using Glow to change the way lessons are delivered and also to help link up this tiny rural school with others around the country.

Glowing Thursday’s are open sessions where any Glow user can log-in listen to and ask questions of an ‘expert’ of the week. As well as explaining her own practise, Avril was able to answer a query about improving writing and also offered ideas for activities to do on Glow with a teacher also from a small rural school. When asked if she had had any issues with Glow her reply was, ‘only that it is addictive’ – in fact her only complaint was that, ‘It didn’t come with a Health warning!’

Avril has also been generous enough to share some of the work the children have been doing on the national Glowing Potential group. Click HERE to access this work.

The next Glowing Thursday event will feature Neil Winton talking about Perth Academy’s use of WIKIs in the classroom. The school have seen their achievements in writing go ‘through the roof’ since the introduction of WIKIs and if you would like to find out how this was done you can access the session HERE on Thursday 20 April at 5pm.

March 27th, 2009

Glow Meet for Imagery in Troon Primary

Karen-Ann McSwiggan
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Troon Primary P5 and Fiona Patterson

I had the pleasure of being part of a P5 lesson recently in Troon Primary School. Fiona Patterson, Principal Teacher in Troon Primary had wanted to explore innovative uses the class could make with Glow Meet and invited me out to be part of this with her. Fiona had set up 4 Glow Meet rooms in the Primary 5 Glow Group and divided the class into 4 groups. The lesson was designed around the following Literacy and English Outcomes:

– applying the elements writers use to create different types of short and extended texts with increasingly complex ideas, structures and vocabulary

I am learning to use language and style in a way which engages and/or influences my reader.

Ahead of time we had saved 4 whiteboard documents with 2 photos on each. The pupils logged on and started up Glow Meet by entering the appropriate room for their group whilst Fiona revised adjectives, alliteration, similes and metaphors. A team leader from each group then loaded different whiteboard documents. Each whiteboard document dealt with a specific aspect. For example, the alliteration one had 2 photos of snowy landscapes; the metaphor one had 2 photos of sunsets.

Pupils then used the chat facility in pairs to describe the photos using adjectives, alliteration, metaphors and similes. This allowed each group members to view what their peers were adding into the session. Using the chat facility also meant that the pupils could stay on the page viewing the photos at the same time. The pupils spent 10 mins on each whiteboard page and then team leaders loaded up the new page from a pupil shared area on the network.

The pupils were extremely motivated for the task. Fiona and their class teacher, Ruth Campbell, felt that they got far more out of the pupils during this session, than they would have on paper. Comments from the pupils at the end included, “great”, “cool”, “I really liked using the pictures on the computer”. I’m sure you’ll agree that this was super use of the Glow Meet tool.

Troon P5 using Glow Meet

March 25th, 2009

South Ayrshire Schools Switch on to Glow

Lesley Dickson
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Glow mentors in South Ayrshire have just finished cascading Glow training to every school in the authority. Over a period of three weeks the sixteen mentors visited a total of fifty-eight schools, carrying out an impressive hundred and twenty-three training sessions.

The ninety-minute twilight sessions focused on the basics of getting into Glow and its general structure and terminology. Teachers were also made aware of the potential of Glow to improve learning and teaching, and communication. In addition, they were shown how to access resources and how to participate in existing groups by taking part in news, discussions, etc. To ensure a consistent experience for teachers, mentors worked from a training plan developed by the authority.

The initiative has been an overwhelming success with just under 1400 staff responding to the survey which was presented at the end of each twilight session. 90% of staff were either ‘Fully’ or ‘Mostly’ in agreement that the session had stimulated their interest in using Glow.

In addition to the twilight sessions each school has received an allocation of support days from their mentor along with some extra cover to allow staff to be released from class. The content of these days provided more detail around areas like creating Glow groups, building pages and getting classes involved in using Glow within general learning and teaching.

South Ayrshire mentors are to be congratulated on the huge amount of work they have undertaken, as do the central support team, lead by Alastair Smith, for planning such a comprehensive roll out.

February 24th, 2009

South Ayrshire Gets Glowing in Pinwherry Primary School

Karen-Ann McSwiggan
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pinwherry-primary.jpgA small primary school in the south west of Scotland is also discovering the benefits of Glow Meet. At Pinwherry Primary School in South Ayrshire, the composite class for the upper three levels has just 14 pupils. However, there is no worry here about such a small school being cut off from opportunities, thanks to Glow Meet. The class regularly holds web conferences with three other schools in the same authority and with another remote school on the Isle of Lewis.

Joint classes on Science are taught with Sacred Heart Primary School ten miles down the road and pupils collaborate on a Robert Burns project with Troon Primary School, 20 miles away. Linking with Dundonald Primary 40 miles away, the webcam can be on for a whole afternoon as pupils join up in reading groups, collaborative maths games and problem solving exercises between the two classes with the teachers swapping between them to cover different activities. Further links are being established with Marr College for a transition project in Maths.


Class activities using Glow can include any of the following: sharing news; completing homework; taking part in discussions; completing webquests; book detectives activities; links to interactive resources and writing collaborative stories. Their teacher Avril Taylor believes that her pupils are growing in confidence through their use of Glow and Glow Meet and getting opportunities which wouldn’t normally be available to them. We can attest to this as in recent training sessions delivered to 2 separate Scottish local authorities, the Pinwherry pupils were able to teach the teachers how to use Glow Meet using Glow Meet! Avril has embedded the usage of Glow within P5 – 7’s classroom activities so that it is just a normal part of their school day.

Glow doesn’t end there in the one classroom, as P1 – 4 are stretching their Glow legs with their teacher Anne Shankland and the headteacher, Celia Crawford using Discussion Boards for staff surveys within the school site. We look forward to Pinwherry Primary School popping up many times in the Glow world.

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