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June 8th, 2009

GLOW conference Monday 15th June 4-6pm -Languages and Interdisciplinary Approaches

Tina Stevens
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Log in to the first ever national virtual conference for languages teachers in Scotland!
Scottish CILT would like to invite you to take part in the first ever national VIRTUAL event for languages teachers: Languages and Interdisciplinary Approaches, on Monday 15th June at 4pm.

Two practitioners, one primary and one secondary will share theirs and their learners’ experiences. Corinne Anderson, from Balfron High School will talk about the Europe week experience she devised for S2, and Wilma Gordon, from Mid Calder Primary School will explain how a link to a French school provided the vehicle for an ambitious collaboration resulting in bilingual novels and films in her P7 class.

cilt.pngAll you need to take part is your Glow log in and a computer – try it from home if you can! However, you must be a member of the Scottish CILT group to take part in the conference. If you are not already a member follow this link to the national Modern Languages Glow group then click on the link for Scottish CILT. (Please note that membership will be given within 24 hours but notification of this is not always possible so please check back after this time)>

Please join our group and email asap to let us know that you would like to take part in the event.
Looking forward to seeing you on Monday 15th on Glow!

May 28th, 2009

Glow Enhances Body Building!

J Jelly
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A pilot Glow Group has been set up at national level to enhance the experience of a visit from Generation Science’s outreach show – Body Builders. Schools that have access to Glow and have booked a Body Builders Show from Generation Science in the next few weeks are able to use the Glow Group to extend the value of the visit.


Body Builders GG


The show scenario has four characters visiting the doctor:
Timmy Hawkes, a skater with bone trouble
Kevin Shearer, an out of breath football hero
Rome Zeglobe, an itchy explorer
Don Pupi Panti, a chef extraordinaire with flatulence

Through the very humorous interviews, the pupil audience gains a good understanding of body systems, general health, anatomy, and how to act in a responsible way regarding personal health. The Glow Group enables schools involved to follow up the visit by pupils’ responding to the patients requests for advice, by staff uploading pictures from the visits or posting further work related to the health topics.
It is hoped that teachers will give feedback on whether they feel the Glow Group gave extra value to the visit. This will help the Glow Team and Generation Science plan for next year’s shows.
Generation Science brings shows and workshops into schools to make the learning of science simple and fun. The website has details of all the shows, a downloadable programme and teachers’ notes. These back up the science covered in the shows with the Curriculum for Excellence links for teachers and with follow on experiments for pupils. The shows run from January to June each year. In 2008, 66000 children got to see a show!
If you have had Generation Science visits this year, please leave some feedback about it here and what you would want from Glow in supporting future visits.

May 2nd, 2009

Chemical Industry Glows from Aberdeen across Scotland

J Jelly
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April 29th saw the first national Glow Meet for chemistry classes. It was hosted in Aberdeen Grammar School thanks to P.T. Chemistry, Susan Davis, and Aberdeen City’s Principal Officer (Education ICT), Richard Elliott, but classes from around Scotland benefitted: St John’s HS, Dundee; Stirling HS; Marr College, South Ayrshire; Lenzie Academy, East Dunbartonshire; and several from Aberdeenshire – Fraserburgh Academy, Aboyne Academy and the Gordon Schools.

Chemical Engineers Glow Meet

Craig Burnett, a recent entrant to the profession, described his path from Banchory Academy to his current postion with Talisman Energy, and also took the audience through the Higher Chemistry content statements about the Chemical Industry.
Gavin Smith shared his vast experience in various areas of the chemical industry with the pupils, and showed the huge responsibility that can weigh on engineers’ shoulders in terms of making sure that plants (including oil rigs) are safe – from design through to everyday procedures.
Some of the teachers who accessed the Glow Meet with their classes have left feedback in the National Sciences Glow Group:

“I used Glow Meet for the first time this morning and I really enjoyed it! I thought the presentation worked very well and I thought Gavin and Craig were very interesting and covered the topic well. I found Glow Meet very easy to use and I was happy to find that you could still join in the discussion just by typing. Thanks for giving me opportunity to join in this morning. I will be keeping an look-out for more Glow Meet events.”

“First experience of Glow Meet a very positive one. Gavin and Craig excellent at giving the pupils a wider perspective on the applications of Chemistry after school/university.
We found Glow Meet easy to use, no problems with set-up.
We didn’t have a microphone and so had to type all questions in – found this a bit restrictive and slowed things down a bit, making the Glow meet not quite as interactive as we had anticipated.
Would definitely participate again.”

“I am trying to push the use of Glow in SHS and it is events like this that are going to make it happen. The feedback from both Chemistry staff and pupils has been great. Thanks to Gavin and Craig and more please!”

If you have ideas for future Glow Meets for chemistry or any of the other sciences, leave a note in the National Sciences Glow Group, or by leaving a comment on this blog.

After the Glow Meet

July 2nd, 2008

National Glow Group gets off the ground

Anne Ward
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Many educationalists will already be familiar with ICT Masterclass, an online community of ICT specialists set up to spread the word on how education can harness the benefits of emerging technologies.

Taking advantage of the opportunities for collaboration that Glow presents, the Masterclass has evolved to form an ICT National Glow Group. The Masterclass will still exist as an online community but is now also available through Glow.

‘The real benefit of being part of Glow is the presence of other online communities we can link into and the availability of excellent tools such as Glow Meet,’ said Jennifer McDougall. ‘It provides an opportunity to link together people with a shared interest in ICT and hear diverse views from throughout the country.’

The ICT National Glow Group held its first Glow Chat session on 17 June, where Joe Shaw of Stirling Council took to the hot seat to discuss moving image education. Each session will cover a topical ICT issue or an emerging technology that people would like to discover more about.

In addition to the ICT National Glow Group, there are also National Glow Groups covering the range of curricular areas in Curriculum for Excellence. These are open to all staff using Glow. You can access the National Groups by logging in to Glow.

As well as groups for curricular areas, there is a National staff room which already has sub-groups created for staff. If you would like to request a group at a National level, why not let us know at

If you would like to sign up to the ICT National Glow Group, please contact Glow Development Officer Alan Yeoman at

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