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June 10th, 2010

Ask An Astronaut Glow Meet with NASA

Dawn Adams
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Nick in SpaceIn collaboration with the Scottish Space School, join this exclusive opportunity to talk to Nick Patrick and Heather Paul from NASA using Glow Meet.

Nick is an astronaut who has performed three space walks and lived on the International Space Station. Heather is a space suit engineer and knows everything there is to know about making it possible for astronauts to survive in the void of space.

Tune in to the Glow Meet to watch Nick, Heather and pupils from Fintry Primary School run a simulation to move a robotic land rover around the surface of Mars. This will mimic what real astronauts have to do when they collect samples from the surface of Mars using the robots Spirit and Opportunity. These rovers have amassed a vast amount of information and we have learnt huge amounts about the planet Mars.

To learn about Mars before meeting Nick and Heather, pupils can have a look at the Glow Science films about Life on Mars by LL Online. This event will be suitable for middle primary upwards.

Visit the National Sciences Glow group to find out more about this Glow Meet and how to get involved.


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